Photoshop Class

I came across this online photography site that is just awesome & free. If you have any questions, you want somebody to critique your photos, you need somebody to help you out with adjusting color or if you have questions on just about anything, you just post it on there and photographers from all over the world will post replies. Anyway, since I just joined this forum, I thought I'd take a photoshop class that was offered tonight over the web. It was great. For my project, I decided to use some of J's football gear since we all know it's almost the start of the football season. I wanted to play around with background/foreground colors and add color in certain areas, so here are a few of my before/after pix.

Just so you know....photoshop never ceases to amaze me. Anybody can look like a model with a little bit of editing with photoshop. So, if you ever want to look like a model, just send me a pic, and I'll work my magic!

Original picture

Changing the background color

Changing the picture to black/white and adding your own color.


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