Our New Home....Delaware Photographer, Julie Marie Portraits

I thought I'd share some pictures of our new home and show you my lovely decorating talent....or lack of!

The family room which is right off of the kitchen.:

The Kitchen:

The Living Room

The best part...The Pool! My nephew would ask to go swimming in it everyday. He would end up settling for a swim in the bathtub, though!

The Dining Room Area...this area has yet to be decorated, but I wanted to show you my new dining room table & chairs.

The dining room table and chairs actually came from my dad. I had mentioned that I was going to finally have a dining room in this house and my dad said he had 8 ugly chairs that he had bought at an auction a long time ago for around $10 (total), and he had a table too that he bought for a little bit of nothing. I told him to send me a picture and this is what it looked life before:

And After: (i bought the material that I used to cover the chairs probably 5 years ago & my dad painted the table/chairs black) It turned out pretty nice, huh!

Hope you enjoy the pictures. (If your wondering...not only did the table and chairs come from my dad, but most of the other items in the pictures above came from my dad from various auctions, etc...! )


JenV said...

love the pictures of the house!!!

Jodi said...

Love your new home....very "homey"....looks great! And also I LOVE the pictures of Dexter.......he is soooooo cute!

Nana said...

Don't you miss our clutter????

Diana Vicente said...

The house looks so homey and inviting already!!!
Hats off to you and your Dad for all the decorating!

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