Another Fun Family---4 kiddos! Julie Marie Portraits, Delaware Children's Photographer

I got to meet up with this fun family in Annapolis over the weekend! The kids were super cute and so good...all 4 of them! Here is a little sneak peek:

Mom's idea...she said she had seen the foot picture of all the kiddos on my blog a while back, so we got all the kiddos to sit down and stick their "feets" out! Love it!!

My favorite shot with 3 of the kiddos...this was taken after we were done with the session. I saw them playing out in the water and grabbed my camera back out of my bag and went down to shoot. The light was perfect on their back...had they been facing me, they all would have been squinting b/c the sun was super bright at that time.

The whole gang:

Just the kiddos....

The Beautiful & Only Sister in this bunch!

This little guy was so cute!! Mom said he hadn't been feeling good, but honestly, you couldn't tell! He was such a good little guy & so, so sweet!

Another cutie pie!

Last but not least....I had to show you his cool hair cut!! (i cropped it this way to emphasize the hair!)

THanks, guys!! It was great meeting all of you and hope you enjoy your sneak peeks!!


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