How Cool is This! A Mandy Vreeland Original! Julie Marie Portraits, Delaware portrait photographer

For those of you that know me, you know that I like sports. However, I'm not a fan of the of all the sports decor out there that my husband thinks is super cool. And since I'm the one with the taste & who knows how to use a hammer and hang pictures, I get to decorate our house the way I like it!! :)

Anyway, because of facebook, I got back in contact with a girl that I grew up with. Actually, my sister and I spent so much time with her family and we have so many great memories with them. So, back to facebook....she had put some of her artwork on there, and I had seen an Ohio State print that she had created, so I sent her a note to see if she could come up with a steeler piece of art for me. And....this is what she came up with (check out the pictures below to see the Mandy Vreeland Original Steelers Print). She is so incredibly talented and we love, love, love the ink print from her. So, thanks, Mandy! It's now hanging up in our living room, and it looks super cool even if it is a "sports" print!


JenV said...

Very cool! Mandy is so talented!!

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