When I look at the picture of my grandpa below (and the one from yesterday), it brings some sadness. You see...my grandma passed away in April, and while we know this is a part of life, for my grandpa, his whole life was my grandma and I can't help but think how lonely it can be. They were married for over 65 years. They owned a hardware, lawnmower shop and carpet store together in the smallest town ever (i think the population was 100 people). They also loved to travel all over the country in their airstream and were able to travel to many places around the world. Some of my fondest memories with my grandparents were going to their winter home in Ft Myers, FL to visit and taking trips in their airstream during the summer months. The one thing about my grandpa, though, that you should all know, is that he is probably the kindest and most patient person you could ever meet. He and my grandma had an amazing relationship, and there was never a doubt when it came to their love for each other. I can only hope that when I get married next year, I can have something as special as they did.

Ok..since I'm sure my mom is probably crying after reading the top part of this blog entry, I thought I'd lighten things up a bit.... This next picture is of my nephew, J, and my grandpa last month. The funny thing about this picture is that J's come a long way when it comes to his great grandpa. J use to cry and hide whenever he would see great grandpa (and as a matter of fact, he was also scared of his Papa (my dad) for quite some time). Nobody knew why, but one day, everything changed....all it took was my grandpa throwing a pillow from the chair and J picked it up and started throwing it back. J also started making a roaring noise b/c he thought it was scaring grandpa and grandpa played right along with it. Now, J gets so excited when he gets to go see great grandpa. Even yesterday at my grandpa's place, J got the pillow and started scaring great grandpa with it....too cute. (j's probably telling great grandpa about a tractor, digger, front loader, etc... in the picture below.) :)


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