"Oh my gosh" on our way to Grandpa's

Today, my sister, her kids and I set out to go meet my parents and grandpa for lunch and then the girls were going to meet with the wedding planner. On our trip to grandpa's, it was full of my nephew saying, "Oh my gosh....look at that digger, roller, front-loader, crane, etc...". We laughed the entire trip cuz that's all he would say and each time he said it, he was just excited as the time before. (the route we take is under construction so there are a ton of those all along the way) He just loves all kinds of tractors, diggers, rollers, front-loaders, etc.. In fact, I had to ask my sister how she, too, knew all of the names and she was like, "are you serious...we read about them all of the time and he points them out everywhere we go. " So, after our "oh my gosh" ride, we went to my grandpa's place to feed the fishy's.
Above is my grandpa sitting out at the pond watching the fish. He usually goes out there everyday at 4 to feed the fish.
4 generations...my grandpa, mom (J's nana), sister and nephew
J and his mommy...just watching the fishy's


JenV said...

Love the pic!!! We had agreat time this weekend!!

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