Baby O...Julie Marie Portraits (Washington, DC Baby Photographer)

Meet Baby O. Isn't he the most handsome little guy ever! I have to admit....I couldn't narrow down my blog post, so you're going to see quite of few of him! Anyway, I was excited to go and meet him....they live in a very cool area in DC and have a great row home. If it would have been a little warmer out, I would have had them come outside for the shoot b/c it was such a quaint area with lots of photo opps!! So...back to baby O. He was just the sweetest little guy when I met him and was bound and determined to stay awake for the entire shoot. His mom and dad were great, too. In fact, mom was going to be celebrating her birthday the next day and her present was.....dad was going to stay up with Baby O all night. WOW....isn't that a great bday present. (I'm already thinking that my hubby can give me presents like that all of the time once our baby comes!!)

So, enough of me talking.....meet Baby O!

Just hanging out...(love his little look)

Thanks, guys! It was so great meeting all of you. N - hope you had a Happy Birthday!


JenV said...

Wow - these are fabulous photos!!! Love them!

Onada said...

oh my! He's so gorgeous. you captured him perfectly!

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