My Super Cute Niece & Nephew....Julie Marie Portraits, Delaware Children's Photographer

I am back after not blogging for over a week. I had my mom, sister, niece and nephew in last weekend and guess what.....we all got the stomach flu. Today is the first day that I actually feel great and nothing hurts, but my husband came home today and he now has the flu. I'm hoping he doesn't give it back to me!

Anyway, although we were all sick, I did get a few pictures of my gorgeous little niece and handsome nephew. I just love these two and miss them so much! Of course, I cried when they left, and my sweet little nephew said.."It's ok, Aunt JuJu, you'll be home in a few days with your new baby"...I wish, but it will be soon enough!

My new favorite picture of my gorgeous niece! She is just too darn sweet! If you could only hear her talk....she is hilarious! I took her out by herself and she would only stick to me like glue and wanted nothing to do with getting her picture taken....so, i had a package of some cookies that they had gotten on the airplane and I had to break them off and feed her. In this particular picture, I was holding onto the camera with one hand and tossing the cookie up in the air and catching it and sure enough, I got a smile!

Yes, there is cookie in her mouth, but she was running after me and she looks so cute!

My super handsome nephew who was the first one to get sick. He still was not feeling well, but he was a trooper and went to get some pix.

And this last one cracks me up.....he was on car duty and was laughing at me b/c I kept telling him to look for cars!

I am finishing up some editing and will have more blog posts coming soon! Stay tuned!


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