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Yep...JMP is back! You may have noticed that the blog has been pretty quiet for the past two months.  Well, part of the reason is because everybody has had their share of sicknesses, and we've had a lot of visitors....but the main reason is because I had decided that I was taking two months off.  My baby boy turned 11 months old yesterday, and I just feel like these past 11 months of his life have went by way too quickly !  I've really struggled this past year with feeling guilty for not spending every second with my little guy, and I decided that I needed to do something about that guilt!  So....I'm now slowly getting back to work, and you can expect to see some more action on the blog (as well as playing catch-up on the blog from last year's sessions, too)!  JMP has a lot of exciting things going on this year....a Vegas wedding, a Maine wedding, a Florida wedding, a New York wedding, 2 Pittsburgh weddings, Virginia weddings, Delaware weddings and lots & lots of fun kiddos/family sessions already scheduled!

And without further ado....I had the pleasure of meeting this gorgeous couple recently in Dover.  What a great session for me to start back to work with, huh!  Hope you enjoy the photos!  Congratulations to B&C on their engagement and their upcoming wedding on 9.10.11 that will be held in the bride's home state of Nevada!


Vida Carson said...

AHHHHHH! That's such a cute idea - great job Julie!

Julie Marie Portraits said...

Thanks, Vida!

Erin Lynn said...

So glad that you took some time for you and your family - Love the new photos (what a gorgeous couple) and I can't wait for June!!!

Julie Marie Portraits said...

Thx, Erin! I can't wait for June, too! Thanks for the save-the-date magnet, also!!

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